• Education for kids

    Students need to have fun with learning to stay motivated. To keep students happy while making the most of precious instruction time, let students play games that are quick to set up

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Program Features:

⋆ We have scheduled outings, through video programmes eg. To the zoo, to the fire station, to the space station, to the space station etc. and in class presentations

⋆ Movement & Music

⋆ Small group learning activities with an assigned teacher

⋆ Incorporate "Alphabet Animals", "Puppets" and "Land of Letter People"

⋆ Weekly themes, supported by multiple activities, props, and literature

⋆Free art center available to students

⋆Handwriting Without Tears

Our Educational Philosophy:

⋆ We believe that children acquire knowledge about the physical and social world through playful interaction with objects and people.

⋆ We believe that children learn by a variety of hands-on experiences.

⋆ We believe that children should be treated with respect and dignity.

⋆ We believe that parent involvement is an important part of an educational partnership between child, parent, and school.

⋆ We believe that an activity-based curriculum can accommodate differences in development and learning styles.